Friday, 23 December 2016

Popping Big Pimples : Learn The Simple and Pain-Free Popping Method?

First of all, it is highly not advised to pop a pimple whether it's small or big because both carries the same risk of leaving a permanent red mark on your face. So is it better to just leave it alone? 

Well, most teenagers are so conscious about their skin especially when it comes to having pimple popping. This is one thing that people hate most, that's why people are always looking for the best treatments. 

Toners, facial foam, facial creams are very expensive and common to all women as these are such things which women would not forget to buy for maintaining their skin texture. This is true that such cosmetics can create an extra protection layer over your skin and protect it from the harsh sun rays, dirt or dust but over usage of these cosmetics can restrict your skin to breath and clogged your pores. Moreover, often clogged pores can increase the size of your pores and invites numerous bacterias to your skin. 

No matter what products you are using to maintain your skin but when you see a big pimple on your face then you can't control your fingers from squeezing or popping it. However, before bringing your fingers close your acne it is important to remember that this will make your acne worse and have a great scope to leave a permanent mark on your face. 

If you really want to minimize the pain of popping big pimples then you can go through with these simple tips:-

1. Know when a pimple is ready to  be popped

Never attempt to pop  a pimple which is deep in your skin, shiny, painful and red. Instead of popping or squeezing it badly it is better you should wait until you see a hard, white bump on the top of your skin. This white head is pus gathering near the surface to the skin  which can be easily drained out with the help of sterilized needle. 

2. Apply Skin Softening Lotion In Night Before Popping It

In order to soften the acne area, you can apply a thin layer of aloe vera overnight as it can help your acne get soften, dry, crusty zit and making them less painful and easier to remove in the morning. 

3. Wash Your Face With Dermatologist Face Wash

Before popping your big pimple, it is better to wash your face gently with lukewarm water to remove all the dirt from your face and make your acne bit softer to treat. 

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