Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Learn About Various Risks Involved In Blackhead Popping

To be quite honest, you are not recommended to pop your blackheads until or unless you don't know the right popping procedures. However, on the other side, it is quite impossible to control your blackhead popping tendency. You believe it or not, but popping your blackhead is really harmful to your skin as the oil and bacteria can spread to the other parts of your face thus producing more blackheads.

If you want to learn more about the risk of popping blackheads then keeping reading so that you can make the right decision.

Causes of Blackheads on Your Nose and Other Parts

Generally, blackheads are blocked skin pores, a micro tiny form of acne which is caused by the oily skin mixed with pollution or frequent heavy makeups. They are also known as "comedones and look like small black spots or dents on the skin surface. Blackheads are also hard to touch but produce no swelling or pain. Usually, when your active oil glands become clogged, the oily substance releases and dead skin cells harden in the pores which creates blackheads on nose, face or ears.

Why Avoid Popping Blackheads?

Many people resort to popping blackheads as an easy and quick method to remove them. If you are planning to consider this method then keep in mind that with each zit or blackhead popped you're leaving behind an open wound. In fact, by this way, you might be pushing bacteria and dirt down your pores and causing an infection that definitely leads to the permanent mark.

When it comes to acne problems, would you'd rather deal with blackheads or with infections or scars? Instead of learning how to pop blackhead, try to take care of your skin naturally and make sure you're not increasing the risk for your skin.