Wednesday, 30 March 2016

How To Deal With Cyst Acne?

It hardly matters that what type of acne has been popped on your skin, they are always painful to carry, especially on the naked body parts which make them more infectious. Cyst acne is one of those hurtful acne, which used to pop, when the bacteria go deep into your skin and create a red bump full of infection. It may itch you and make you feel to scratch it badly, but you have to avoid scratching them with your nails, if you want to prevent cyst bursts and causing breakouts.

What Are The Causes Behind This Painful Acne?

There is no fixed reason behind causing cyst acne but it has been noticed, that majorly teenagers and women used to face this problem due to hormonal changes, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, androgen’s increase, etc. This leads to changes into your skin, which resulted blocked pores and acne on your skin. Apart from that there are few more reasons such as :-

●Polluted environment
●Oily skin
●Over usage of beauty products
●Genetic hormonal problems
●Hairy skin also cause cyst acne

Tips To Control Your Cyst Popping

People who are chasing with acne problems usually go for expensive treatments, and after that also, they don’t get any satisfied treatment for their bad tags, and if you are also one of those, then you can try the below mentioned Dermatologist treatment for your cyst popping:-

●Cyst acne is not like another type of pimples so never try to pop them with the same method. Give a try to oral prescribed antibiotics which control the bacterial infection and reduce the redness of your acne. Sometimes these drugs may not result instantly, but if you take them for the long time, may remove your acne from its roots.

●For some women, birth control pills work well to regulate their hormones.

●Minor acne can be treated by the lotions and gel heavily loaded with Vitamin A, can help you to unplug the pores and allow the antibiotics to work well on the acne.

If you are also facing this cyst acne problem then you must watch this video of cyst popping, it will be helpful for you too.

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