Monday, 6 March 2017

How To Pop Pimple Without Leaving a Scar?

Acne is a problem most people have had to deal with at least once in their life. Somehow, this problem likes to pop up whenever you want to look your best. Whether you're looking forward to a night out or a wedding, acne doesn't care. It will try darnedest to make itself the center of attraction when it's your time to shine.

Want to get rid of this acne problem or learn how to pop pimples without leaving scar then you need to focus on these pimple popping steps:

1. Get A sterilized pin or needle

Begin by placing a thin needle or pin in isopropyl rubbing alcohol. It's easiest to pour some of the liquid into the bottle cap. Let the needle sit in the alcohol while you perform the next steps.

2. Apply a Warm Wet Compress

Your second step is by wetting a washcloth with hot water and applying a hot on your affected area. Do this for 20 minutes until you skin will not get soft and bring the pus to the surface.

3. Wash Your Hands and Dry Them With A Paper Towel 

Once you've applied the hot compress, you need to move fast. Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and dry your hands to avoid spreading infection.

4. Clean the Facial Skin Blemish

Using a cotton ball or cotton pad soaked with alcohol, clean the area around a pimple. Disinfect the skin in a two-inch diameter around a pimple.

5. Remove The Pus With The Help of Sterilized Needle

Once you have cleaned the affected area properly before popping pimple then allow the needle to get enter the skin with little resistance and little pain. About 1/4 of an inch of the needle tip should enter the skin in order to lance the pocket of infection that's formed beneath the skin's surface.

6. Drain a pimple

Draining the pimple is a gentle process as pus will usually begin emerging as soon as you withdraw the needle. A Little pressure is required to drain the pus from the skin blemish. Place a finger on each side of a pimple and move your fingers toward the blemish while applying slight pressure. Repeat this from several angles.

After draining the pimple clean the area with the alcohol soaked cotton to avoid causing any infection to other areas.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Find Only Safe Way To Pop Ace Pimple Without Leaving Any Scar

Popping an acne pimple is never recommended and should by no means be practiced. When you pop an acne pimple, you are most likely to affect the area and caused to the area to become worse. Yes, popping or squeezing pimples at the wrong time will only make your skin worse and more patchy. If you really want to get rid of these skin or pimple popping problems then the best way is to use such natural remedies that help you remove all skin problems and also enhance your skin texture.

In this article, we'll explain to you how you should go about popping your pimples when you feel the urge....

How To Pop A Big Pimple?

Prior you attempt to pop your pimple, you need to follow the following instructions carefully. The first thing you should do is to ensure that your fingernails very are very low and properly field. You want your nails to indent the area and make matters worse. The second thing you should do is to wash your hands with an antibacterial soap at least two times. This is to ensure that your hands are very clean and won't introduce any dirt or bacteria to the affected area. The third thing, you need to get two clean pieces of cotton and a bit of alcohol nearby.

Here are the point steps that you need to follow before popping these pimples:-

1. Wash your face with some water and pat dry with a clean towel.

2. Add some alcohol to one piece of the cotton and then wipe it gently around the area.

3. Use your two fingers and place them on either side of the pipe and slowly apply some pressure downwards and at the same time allowing your two index fingers to the closer to each other. Gradually apply more pressure until a pimple pops and slowly drain your pimple and empty that entire puss.

4. Wipe away all the pus and hold the other piece of cotton with alcohol for about two minutes.

5. Always hold multiple tissues in between your fingers to avoid spreading the infection to other areas.

Once you clean the area, then you have to apply skin treatment cream that helps you add extra protection layer on your open huge pores.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Popping Big Pimples : Learn The Simple and Pain-Free Popping Method?

First of all, it is highly not advised to pop a pimple whether it's small or big because both carries the same risk of leaving a permanent red mark on your face. So is it better to just leave it alone? 

Well, most teenagers are so conscious about their skin especially when it comes to having pimple popping. This is one thing that people hate most, that's why people are always looking for the best treatments. 

Toners, facial foam, facial creams are very expensive and common to all women as these are such things which women would not forget to buy for maintaining their skin texture. This is true that such cosmetics can create an extra protection layer over your skin and protect it from the harsh sun rays, dirt or dust but over usage of these cosmetics can restrict your skin to breath and clogged your pores. Moreover, often clogged pores can increase the size of your pores and invites numerous bacterias to your skin. 

No matter what products you are using to maintain your skin but when you see a big pimple on your face then you can't control your fingers from squeezing or popping it. However, before bringing your fingers close your acne it is important to remember that this will make your acne worse and have a great scope to leave a permanent mark on your face. 

If you really want to minimize the pain of popping big pimples then you can go through with these simple tips:-

1. Know when a pimple is ready to  be popped

Never attempt to pop  a pimple which is deep in your skin, shiny, painful and red. Instead of popping or squeezing it badly it is better you should wait until you see a hard, white bump on the top of your skin. This white head is pus gathering near the surface to the skin  which can be easily drained out with the help of sterilized needle. 

2. Apply Skin Softening Lotion In Night Before Popping It

In order to soften the acne area, you can apply a thin layer of aloe vera overnight as it can help your acne get soften, dry, crusty zit and making them less painful and easier to remove in the morning. 

3. Wash Your Face With Dermatologist Face Wash

Before popping your big pimple, it is better to wash your face gently with lukewarm water to remove all the dirt from your face and make your acne bit softer to treat. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Learn About Various Risks Involved In Blackhead Popping

To be quite honest, you are not recommended to pop your blackheads until or unless you don't know the right popping procedures. However, on the other side, it is quite impossible to control your blackhead popping tendency. You believe it or not, but popping your blackhead is really harmful to your skin as the oil and bacteria can spread to the other parts of your face thus producing more blackheads.

If you want to learn more about the risk of popping blackheads then keeping reading so that you can make the right decision.

Causes of Blackheads on Your Nose and Other Parts

Generally, blackheads are blocked skin pores, a micro tiny form of acne which is caused by the oily skin mixed with pollution or frequent heavy makeups. They are also known as "comedones and look like small black spots or dents on the skin surface. Blackheads are also hard to touch but produce no swelling or pain. Usually, when your active oil glands become clogged, the oily substance releases and dead skin cells harden in the pores which creates blackheads on nose, face or ears.

Why Avoid Popping Blackheads?

Many people resort to popping blackheads as an easy and quick method to remove them. If you are planning to consider this method then keep in mind that with each zit or blackhead popped you're leaving behind an open wound. In fact, by this way, you might be pushing bacteria and dirt down your pores and causing an infection that definitely leads to the permanent mark.

When it comes to acne problems, would you'd rather deal with blackheads or with infections or scars? Instead of learning how to pop blackhead, try to take care of your skin naturally and make sure you're not increasing the risk for your skin.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Most Effective Natural Ways To Remove Skin Tags

Pimples or skin tags are nothing but harmless soft skin growths that make your skin dull or patchy. A pimple and acne are one of the worst things that always occur just before your important days. These days many people have to face pimple problems just because of polluted environment and unhealthy eating habits. Aside that, various factors like age, hormones, genes, etc that can cause these outgrowths to appear on your skin.

These outgrowths often appear on the face, neck, back, near the eyes, etc. In fact, there are numerous treatments that one can opt for in order to vanish those tags but most of the treatments are quite expensive and can cause an irreparable damage to your skin. Even few studies have found that these are most common amongst middle-aged people so let's face it with some of the natural treatments.

Here are few natural ways to treat these annoying pimples:-

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the ultimate essential oil that works like magic on acne. All you have to do is to mix few drops of tea tree oil with water in equal ratio and gently apply it onto the affected area. Leave the oil for 30-35 minutes before washing it off with cold water. Repeat this method at least 2-3 times in a day for around 2-3 weeks to get an amazing result.

2. Onion Juice

Onion juice is the all-rounder home-remedy that provides a great solution for skin problems. The best way to making it work best, apply freshly extracted onion juice on the acne and pimple. Let the juice stick on the pimple for about an hour and then rinse it with cold water. In fact, many people prefer doing this during night time but you can apply it anytime as per your convenience.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

The soluble properties of this incredible ingredient make it one of the most effective remedies that allow you remove your skin tags naturally. Just apply it over your outgrowths and leave it for an hour so that your skin can absorb the solution effectively. After an hour you can rinse it with cold water and try it on a daily basis.

These are the few home remedies that help you to remove your tags naturally but aside that you can watch out a various pimple popping videos as well . Popping big pimples can become easy with the help of such less painful methods .

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

3 Easy Tips To Treat Your Pimples Naturally

Acne can be tough skin problems that stick to your skin till you don't give proper treatment and use any right method. Your little carelessness can leave a permanent red mark that will not easily get removed even after following proper dermatologist treatment as well. Squeezing out a pimple just a day before a hot date or a special occasion to get rid of these problems. However, this only makes the problem worse and can lead to unsightly scars that make your skin look dull. In that case, you don't need to switch to expensive products when you need a quick fix in fact by accessing few natural yet homemade remedies also you can easily get rid of these acne issues.

Further, these days people start watching pimple popping videos that help them to learn such effective ways to get rid of cyst problems, blackhead and whitehead problems. The best part about these videos is they allow you to determine how to follow such natural treatments as only picking homemade ingredients will not help you to get rid of these problems. You have to learn how to apply and how long you have to leave those packs on your skin.

Here are natural ingredients that help in popping cysts and pimples :-

1. Salt :- Do you want to make that zit less noticeable? Mix a pinch of salt with a little bit water and dab it onto a pimple with the help of clean cotton ball. It's will not instantly remove it but sure a worth trying when you are rushed for time. It will definitely shrink the size of a pimple and make it less noticeable.

2. Lemon Juice :- Lemon juice is a miracle beauty product from your kitchen that not only remove all dirt and dust from your skin but also reduce the possibility of clogged pores. It has natural bleaching property and kills bacteria naturally. Pimple forms due to bacteria can be removed by using lemon juice on daily basis.

3. Ginger :- If a pimple is angry and red and making that spot on your face then try grabbing a piece of a dark ginger. Place a piece of ginger on top of a pimple because its juice will reduce the swelling and redness of a pimple.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

6 Best Ways To Remove Redness Of The Pimple

Everyone get pimples or zits on their body that causes irritation or redness on the particular area which creates a temptation to pop it. Many people can’t control themselves from popping pimple which make their pimple more worst and leave a permanent red mark on their face. Watching pimple popping videos or zit popping videos are common for those people who have to deal with these annoying tags but luckily there are some remedies that can decrease the redness or heal the pimple very soon.

Here are some best ways that help you to reduce the redness of your pimple and relief you from itching or irritation:-

1.Ice The Pimple:- Wrap a few ice cubes in a washed, clean and thin cloth, and dab that cloth directly to acne. Make sure not to apply too much pressure on your pimple as it may cause the zit to pop and creates more redness. In fact it may increase the chances of spreading bacteria as well. Icing will slow down your blood circulation, reduce the swelling and redness of the pimple.

2.Use Eye Drops:- Generally eye drops have such ingredient that remove the redness of the area. Put a small amount of eye-drops on the pimple and rub it gently so that it can get spread equally on that area. Make sure that only rub it on the affected areas as rubbing it on your whole face may cause more irritation.

3.Try Toothpaste:- Apply little toothpaste on the zits as it contains silica which allows the pimple to get dry. Cover the pimple with the thin layer of toothpaste right before bed and leave it overnight for the best results. Wash it off in the morning with the cold water.

4.Apply Few Drops Of Lemon Juice:- Lemon juice contains high level of citric acid which not only reduce the redness of your skin but also lighten up your skin complexion and fade out the skin tags. Soak a cotton ball in a lemon juice and softly dab it over affected area or can be apply over your whole face to reduce the pigmentation as well. If you have applied lemon juice on your face then avoid sunlight exposure as it tends to dry out the skin pores and cause sun ban on your face.

5.Use Redness- Reducing Cream:-  You can consult any expert dermatologist, who will prescribe you such an approved and safe redness reducing treatment cream that can be purchased from any pharmacy. These lotions will give you instant solution within a day or two.

6.Conceal Your Pimple:- If you want quick results, then hide your redness with the high quality concealer that immediately dry out your zit